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Create a new Configuration Settings on your mobile or Use proxy setting in your browser 

STEP 1. Account name: VODAFONE GPRS

STEP 2. Access Point: www 

STEP 3. Proxy: 

STEP 4. Port: 80 

STEP 5. Home Page: OR or 

STEP 6. Now save the setting and open your homepage 

STEP 7. After that a proxy page will open 

STEP 8. Now enter URL of site you want to visit. 

STEP 9. Done! Now enjoy unlimited browsing and downloading.

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Airtel USSD Codes 2015 | airtel code

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Airtel 2015
Airtel USSD Codes 2015

Airtel USSD Codes 2015

  • Airtel Voucher :- *101*voucher code#
  • Airtel Customer Care Number – 121
  • Know your mobile number – *282#,*121*9# , *140*1600#, *400*2*1*1*0#
  • Airtel Complaint no – 198
  • DND Service – dial 1909 ( Activation or Deactivation )
  • Balance Check – *123#
  • Mobile Office Activate or Deactivation – *567#
  • Airtel Gift Service – *141#
  • To check Airtel 2G data balance :- Dial *123*10#
  • To check Airtel 3G data balance :- Dial *123*11#
  • Twitter Service – *515#
  • Facebook service – *325#
  • Daily pack 2G internet – *555*2#
  • Recharge – dial 123
  • Airtel live Setting – LIVE to 52567
  • Gprs Packs – MRP GPRS to 51619
  • Mobile Portability – PORT to 1909
  • 3G Activation – 3G to 121
  • Airtel Callertune Trick – 543211888
  • Balance Transfer – *141# and Choose Options.
  • Receive Airtel Live Settings :- SMS LIVE to 52567
  • To Stop any services – SMS STOP to 121/1210
  • To Start any services – SMS START to 121/1210 
  • latest offer*121*1# enjoy

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How to Increase RAM in Android Phone

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How to Increase RAM in Android Phone

STEP 1. Download Swapper for Root.

STEP 2. Launch the app and select the amount of RAM you want to increase.

STEP 3. This will create a. swp file and it will increase the RAM of your Android Device.

Congrats! You have successfully increased RAM of your Android smartphone by using SD card.

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C++ Program to Implement Static Hashing

static hashing, how to implement a hash table, indexing and hashing in data structure, dictionary implementation data structure

 C++ Program to Implement Static Hashing

 #include <iostream>
 using namespace std; 
int table_size=10; 
void main() 
 int a[10],n,h=0,count=0,flag=0,element; 
 for(int i=0;i<10;i++) 
 cout<<"\nEnter the elements: \n"; 
 else //incase of overflow
 }//end while
 //displaying the array
 cout<<"The elements are: \n"; 
 for(int j=0;j<table_size;j++) 
 //To search for an element cout<<"\nEnter the element you want to search\n"; 
 for(int k=0;k<10;k++) 
 cout<<"\nElement "<<element<<" found at key 
 cout<<"\nElement not found\n"; 
 }//end main 

C++ Program

C++ Program

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Pitch Perfect 2 Movie

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Pitch Perfect 2 Movie

Release Date:May 15th, 2015


  • Anna Kendrick 
  • Rebel Wilson 
  • Hailee Steinfeld 
  • Brittany Snow 
  • Elizabeth Banks 

Pitch Perfect 2 Plot A sequel to the 2012 musical comedy centering around a colligate Acapella group.

Director:Elizabeth Banks

Writer:Kay Cannon, Mickey Rapkin

Studio:Universal Pictures

Genre:Comedy, Musical

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Airtel free internet 3G Trick December 2014

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I am back with new and latest working Airtel free internet trick. Airtel is one of the best telecom Company which provide free internet. So today we will be using  VPN (Virtual Private Network)VPN is the Open VPN Software program which can be utilised or operated for creating or making the Secured Virtual Private Network.

Airtel free internet
Airtel free internet 3G Trick

Airtel free internet 2014

Download NMDVPN Airtel free internet

STEP 1. Connect your Mobile to your PC and use APN (Access Point Name):

STEP 2. Now extract Downloaded folder and Run nmd vpn as an Administrator (Right Click Run as  Administrator)

STEP 3. Now Click on taskbar right menu and Click on NMD VPN icon 

STEP 4. Right click on that NMD VPN Menu --> select VPN server --> left click connect 

STEP 5. Goto C:Program Files (x86)\NMDVPNconfig and copy Paste config files in it.

Enjoy Airtel Free Internet in your computer

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Sachin tendulkar autobiography pdf Download

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Sachin tendulkar autobiography pdf
Sachin tendulkar autobiography pdf 

Download Sachin tendulkar autobiography pdf


PLAYING IT MY WAY – My Autobiography

‘I knew that agreeing to write my story would need me to be completely honest, as that’s the way I have always played the game. It would require talking about a number of aspects I have not shared in public before.
So here I am, at the end of my final innings, having taken that last walk back to the pavilion, ready to recount as many incidents as I can remember since first picking up a cricket bat as a child in Mumbai thirty-five years ago.’
Sachin Tendulkar

The highest run-scorer in the history of international cricket, Sachin Tendulkar retired in 2013 after playing for an astonishing 24 years. The most celebrated Indian cricketer of all time, he was conferred the Bharat Ratna – India’s highest civilian award – on the day of his retirement. Now Sachin Tendulkar tells his own remarkable story – from playing in the by lanes of suburban Mumbai, to his first Test cap at the age of 16 to his 100th international century and the emotional final farewell that brought his country to a standstill.

When a boisterous Mumbai youngster’s excess energies were channelled into cricket, the result was record-breaking schoolboy batting exploits that launched the career of a cricketing phenomenon. Before long Sachin Tendulkar was the cornerstone of India’s batting line-up, his every move watched by a cricket-mad nation’s devoted followers.
Never has a cricketer been burdened with so many expectations; never has a cricketer performed at such a high level for so long and with such style – scoring more runs and making more centuries than any other player, in both Tests and one-day games. And perhaps only one cricketer could have brought together a shocked nation by defiantly scoring a Test century shortly after terrorist attacks rocked Mumbai. 
His many achievements with India include winning the World Cup and topping the world Test rankings. Yet he has also known his fair share of frustration and failure – from injuries and early World Cup exits to stinging criticism from the press, especially during his tenure as captain.Despite his celebrity status, Sachin Tendulkar has always remained a very private man, devoted to his family and his country. Now, for the first time, he provides a fascinating insight into his personal life and gives a frank and revealing account of a sporting life like no other. He will be in the UK later in November to launch the book.

Hodder & Stoughton editor Roddy Bloomfield says, ‘Over the past twenty-five years Sachin Tendulkar’s colossal batting triumphs for India have singled him out as one of the greatest players in cricket history. He is universally admired and respected and most impressively remains a very modest man. 
I can’t over-emphasize the pleasure it gives me to announce that Hodder & Stoughton will be publishing Sachin Tendulkar’s inspirational autobiography in November of this year.

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