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Airtel Free GPRS Proxy Trick 2014

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Once again Airtel free GPRS for May 2014, After So Many request from User we Just found a new Proxy Tricks for Airtel Users. This Trick is 100% working Tricks for Airtel User, This trick is Tested in Goa, Maharastra and Delhi. Friends This is Exclusive Airtel GPRS Trick working All over India.

NOTE:- Make Sure your Balance is less then र 1 

Airtel Free GPRS

Airtel Proxy Tricks on 2014   

Step 1:- Open Firefox Browser and Goto Option >> Advanced >> Network >> Setting

Step 2:- Click Manual proxy configuration

Step 3:- HTTP Proxy:  

Step 4:- Port- 80 and Press OK button.

Step 5:- Now Goto Option >> General 

Step 6:- Set a Home Page as and Press OK button.

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fifa World cup 2014 Schedule

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fifa World cup 2014 Schedule

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Computer Tricks and Tips | Computer Tricks

Computer tips and tricks, PC Tips And Tricks, COMPUTER TRICKS, computer tricks and tips windows 7, computer tricks tips, Free Computer Tips, Pc Tricks,  Computer Tips & Tricks

Every day You must be complaining about your computer is running very slow, Now don't Worry Today I will Fix it.

CPU/Processor :- Upgrade your Processor to i3 or i5
RAM/Memory :- Upgrade it to 4GB DDR3 for 32 bit OS and  8GB DDR3 for 64 bit OS
OS/Operating System :- Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, If Linux then go for Ubuntu.

How to Fix Startup Issue 

Auto‐Starting is a Programs that automatically start when you start the computer or log in. This will Slow down your Startup speed and also start unnecessary Programs.

Step1:- Go to ѕtаrt menu click οn RUN

Step2:-Type “msconfig” аnԁ click OK.

Step3:-New Tab will be opened System Configuration utility 

Step4:-Go to startup and uncheck any program which you don't want to run at startup

Step5:-Thеn fіnіѕhеԁ click thе Apply thеn OK.

Step6:-To apply all setting you should restart your system.

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How to Fix Fragmented Drive

Both Windows 8 and Windows 7 have built in defrag programs. But Defrag utilities are much better than inbuilt tool because they have more features Like cleaning Drive.

Free Defrag Programs Include:

Safe Internet Browsing Tips

  • Keep your Browser up to date 
  • Use Google Chrome and Firefox - keep it up to date
  • For Extra Safety Use No Script and Adblock Extenstion
  • Check your Address Bar While Browsing Weather it is Safe to browse (https://)

Useful Free Software

Free Anti‐Virus

Emergency Removal Tools

Anti Spyware Software

Registry Cleaner


READ MORE :- 110 Useful Websites

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Get Free Recharge Tricks Using HIKE

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HIKE is an Mobile application wherein you can earn Money by inviting your Friends, If your Friend Install HIKE on their Mobile using your invitation you will earn some reward on your mobile.

Free Recharge Using HIKE

STEP 1 :- You need to have 2 Android Phone and download Hike on your 1st Mobile

STEP 2 :- Once you Install Hike you will get Rs.10 Credit

STEP 3 :- Now go to invite in hikeand invite the 2nd android phone

STEP 4 :- Download the hike on 2nd phone by clicking the referral download link in your message.

STEP 5 :- Now your 1st Mobile will be credited with Rs. 20 + Rs. 10 total will be Rs 30

STEP 6 :- Now recharge the 2nd phone with Rs.10 present in account and uninstall the Hike after getting
balance of Rs.10

STEP 7 :- Now again send invitation to your 2nd Phone using 1st Phone

STEP 8 :- Repeat all steps again

If You Don't Have 2 Android Mobile Phone Don't worry You can use below Tricks.

Free Recharge Using HIKE 

STEP 1:- Download youwave and Install on your Computer


NOTE :- Enter Key to get Full version otherwise it will be 10 day free version. 

STEP 2:- Now Download Hike on youwave and Install it

STEP 3:- Now Send Invitation on your mobile and you will earn Rs 20

STEP 4:- Now Reset  your youwave and again install hike.

STEP 5:- Now Repeat all steps again

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Microsoft excel Tricks and Shortcuts

microsoft excel tutorial, microsoft excel 2007, microsoft excel shortcut keys, microsoft excel shortcuts, microsoft excel tricks, microsoft excel tricks and shortcuts

Microsoft excel Tricks and Shortcuts

Double-click (on a cell)
Edit the cell contents.
Double-click (on a row/column divider)
Adjust height/width to auto-fit
High-light headers of multiple rows/columns then Double-click on a row/column divider
Adjust height/width to auto-fit of all high-lighted rows/columns
Select the entire contents in the cell
Click on row/column divider then drag
Adjust height/width of the row/colunn
High-light headers of multiple rows/columns then Click on row/columndivider then drag
Adjust height/width of the rows/colunns
Ctrl + Mouse wheel
Zooms in and out of document.
Hold Shift + Click the cells
Select multiple cells

Edit the selected cell.
Goto a specific cell. For example, C6.
Spell check selected text and/or document.
Create chart.
Ctrl + A
Select all.
Ctrl + B
Ctrl + C
Ctrl + F
Find (same as Shift + F5).
Ctrl + G
Go To.
Ctrl + H
Ctrl + I
Ctrl + K
Insert link.
Ctrl + N
New Workbook.
Ctrl + O
Open Workbook.
Ctrl + P
Print dialog.
Ctrl + S
Ctrl + U
Ctrl + V
Ctrl + Z
Ctrl + Y
Ctrl + X
Ctrl + 5
Strikethrough text.
Ctrl + F3
Define Name.
Ctrl + F4
Exit Excel.
Ctrl + F6
Switch between open workbooks.
Ctrl + F9
Minimize current window.
Ctrl + F10
Maximize current window.
Shift + F1
Activate Help on Item.
Shift + F2
Insert Comments
Shift + F3
Insert Function.
Ctrl + Shift + ;
Enter the current time.
Ctrl + ;
Enter the current date.
Ctrl + Page down
Move to next worksheet.
Ctrl + Page up
Move to previous worksheet.
Ctrl + Shift + #
Number Format: Date
Ctrl + Shift + @
Number Format: Time.
Ctrl + Shift + !
Number Format: Commas.
Ctrl + Shift + $
Number Format: Currency
Ctrl + Shift + %
Number Format: Percentage
Ctrl + Shift + ^
Number Format: Scientific.
Ctrl + Space
Select entire column.
Shift + Space
Select entire row.
Ctrl + (Arrow key)
Move to next section.

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Download WYSIWYG WEB BUILDER to Design Your Website

WYSIWYG Web Builder, How to create a website, Free Website Builder, website builder create a website, tool to create website, create a website, How to Publish Your Website

WYSIWYG  (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) is a program used to create web pages. you can create a web page without learning HTML,  Just drag and drop objects on the page and once you finished publish it on your web server.

How to create website

WYSIWYG Web Builder features:

  • No HTML knowledge needed
  • Drag and drop objects from the toolbox on the page 
  • Easily add, edit, clone and structure your web pages 
  • layout object to create forms
  • Custom HTML object to insert your own HTML or javascripts
  • Built-in Popup support, Tab Menus, Slide Menus and Navigation bars
  • Easy to Publish your entire web site on web server or on Local Hard disk


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Watch Live Ipl 7 2014 opening ceremony

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 Watch Live Ipl 7 2014 opening ceremony 

Friends Today is an IPL 7 opening ceremony, So few Hours are Left to start Tournament. Today tournament start on 16th April 2014, and the first Game will be Played between Mumbai Indians (MI) and kolkata knight riders (KKR).

This Year Ipl 7 opening ceremony will be Graced by Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone and Madhuri Dixit. This year opening ceremony will not be that Grand as Last year but there will be a grand dinner arranged by Emirates.

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