June 28, 2011

GPRS settings

GPRS is most commonly used by lots of people.Now a days more traffic is coming from mobile for that we have to get good mobile or smart phone with GPRS enable .Now there is a trick to get gprs setting for different operator such as idea, airtel ,Vodafone,aircel ,docomo ,uninor, Videocon  etc.there is manual setting as well as auto gprs setting .Sometimes there is problem in operator and gprs settings are not received by phone that time we have to use manual gprs setting.   

Manual Idea gprs Settings:

Account Name – idea_GPRS
Username – leave Blank
Password – leave Blank
Homepage –
Proxy and Server Port – 8080
Proxy and Server adress –
Databearer – GPRS / Packetdata
Acces Point Name – imis
Proxy – Enabled/yes
Authentication Type – Normal 

Automatic Idea gprs Settings:

IDEA : SMS   SET  to 546714

Manual Vodafone gprs Settings: 

Account Name – Vodafone Live
User Name – leave Blank
Password – leave Blank
Proxy – Enabled/yes
Access Point Name – portalnmms
Proxy – Enabled/yes.
Proxy and Server address –
Proxy and Server Port – 9401 or 8080

Homepage – http://live.vodafone.in
Authentication Type – Normal

Automatic Vodafone gprs Settings:

vodafone: SMS  VL  to  52586

Manual Airtel gprs Settings:

Account Name – Airtel_gprs
User Name – leave Blank
Password – leave Blank
Homepage –
Proxy – Enabled/yes.
Proxy and Server Adress –
Proxy and Server Port – 8080
Data bearer – GPRS or Packet Data.
Access Point Name – airtelgprs.com
Authentication Type – Normal
Use preferred access point – No

 Automatic Airtel gprs Settings:

AIRTEL : SMS   ALL  to  543210


 Automatic DOCOMO gprs Settings:


Automatic UNINOR gprs Settings:

UNINOR :SMS   SET  to  58355

 Automatic AIRCEL gprs Settings:

AIRCEL :SMS  PI to 121  OR SMS  ALL to 121 
Manual Videocon gprs Settings:
Go to Settings > configuration > persönal configuration settings >
options > Add new > web and put folloeing settings.

Acc.name : Videocon gprs
homepage : http://wap.vlive.in
username : blank
pass : blank
use preferred access point : No
[it will ask for defining APN settngs]
apn setngs > proxy > enable
proxy add:
port : 8799
data bearer packet data
bearer setings >
packet data Apn : vgprs.com
[please leave everything and go back and activate the Videocon gprs web settigs]

Now make one Access point by going to Add new > access point
apn name : Videocon
Access point setngs
data bearer packet data
bearer setings >
packet data Apn : rvgprs.com
[and leave everything and come back and activate the Videocon access point]
Now come back and go to Default configuration setings > select Personal configuration >
details > and set as default by clicking on Default.
And Activate default in all applications
and also Check if the preferred Access point is Videocon.
now go to ur handsets default browser > go to settings >
configuration setings > Account > select Videocon
now try to open homepage and then any site.
And also any other browser as well.

Mostly working in India .If you have any query  with GPRS setting please contact me.


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