July 07, 2011

Advantage of GOOGLE+ Over Facebook

Google+ has introduce hangout so that many friends can be connected with each other Video chat or voice chat.
Since google has introduce google+ social networking site.which effect one of the popular social networking site called facebook . Hangout is a group video chatting so that you can chat with your friend face to face as if you are talking in the group.when you invite your friends for hangout a post will appear in their stream telling them that there's a hangout going on, along with your friends in that hangout .Now you can share your moments with group of friends.

How To Start With Hangout In Google+ 

Step1:- Just click on  Hangout New  Window will be open and it will prompt you to download GoogleVoiceAndVideoSetup .
Step2: It will automatically get install to your browser which ever you are using such as Mozilla,chrome etc .
Now enjoy chatting with your group friends and get Hangout with your friends.


The "+Mobile" feature allows users to  upload photos from any device.Share your moment when you are outside. By using + Mobile feature you can directly upload your photos etc. google+ add your photo separately in cloud. If  you want to download any application for your mobile  Click Here .

In this "+circle" you can add your friends separately for example if you have friends from school , college and relatives family members . you can add them separately with there relationship with you.So that you can chat with your family or with your school friend or college friend. Make a group of friend with relationship with you.     

+Sparks – Gather and enjoy content based on your interests and likes. Sparks will collect the content for you based on what you’re interested in, so that you always have a steady stream of content to enjoy and share.

NOTE :- If any one is not connected to Google+ and need invitation from Google+ please send me your E-mail  address  and I will send you Google+ invitation .

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