July 11, 2011

Social Networking Security

 Social Networking Security

Most of the students and workers use social Networking globally. Most of the user use facebook,LinkedIn,Google+,twitter etc at least once a day.About 60% of the people all over world use social Networking So as the traffic increases the security should also increase .

social website security Tips:-

  • Be aware of the personal information you post on public sector such as About Me and Profile don't show your personal or private information to unknown people such as birth date,e-mail address etc.Always keep a good security questions not like phone No. and all which can be easily detected.keep a security questions  in such a way that no one knows about it.such as some secret about your self.    
  • Read and check a privacy setting of site so you can make changes about your information which should be show to public or friends.Always hide your personal data from public you may show it to your friends.
  • Read messages carefully, spammers can send you message and once you click on that link it will automatically generates messages and will be sending messages in your name.so beware and Read messages carefully.

Social Protection Tools:-
As we have to secure our social profile then we have to use some tools to secure our profile and be safe from spams. by using social protection tool you can secure your online social communication ,personal data and password .

  • CoTweet  :- Manage multiple corporate Twitter accounts and view user tweets.Helps teams manage one or more Twitter accounts by providing tweet assignments, notes, and on duty status.
  • Face Infected :- Scans wall posts, messages, and links. Login with Facebook info. Scans for traces of malware-like links.
  • TweetWax :-  Clear and organize direct messages that have accumulated in your Twitter inbox.
  • uProtect :-Protect your privacy on Facebook while enjoying your online social experience. The uProtect.it plugin offers an additional privacy layer on top of Facebook

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