August 13, 2011

Read forum without Registration

Getting bored for registering all account form and all that mail verification just bypass registration form and without registration see all content of website or forum.Mostly forum don't give excess without registration.
I hate registering forms because it's time waste and it's difficult to remember so without registration read content.
In this tricks we use Google Bot Most of the forums and Blogs allow Google Bot .Hence we will switch our User Agent to Google Bot and we will excess all content without registration.

How To Use User Agent As Google Bot
Step1:- Download Mozilla Firefox if you don't have.
Step2:- Now download Add-on for Firefox "User-Agent" and Install It.
Step3:-Go to Tools---Default User Agent---Edit User Agent 
Step4:-Click on New---New User Agent
Step5:- Add Discription :-
 Add User Agent :-  Googlebot/2.1(+

Step6:- Now change Defualt user Agent to Google Bot .Go to tools---Defualt user Agent---Select Google Bot
Enjoy and please comment and share with your friends.

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