October 14, 2011

Enable pendrive when ports are disable in collage

Best Trick to use pen drive when it is disable. In many colleges Pen drives are not allowed to use and they make port disable Specially in our college pen drives are not allowed to use. When pen drives are used in college they spread Viruses and malware which corrupt system Since college PC are connected in LAN(local area network) viruses are getting spread .Hence college disable the pen drive but to apply trick you must have some knowledge of shortcut keys like Windows key  Win, Win+,, or   etc.Some simple shortcut to go to My computer and to go back by using backspace etc.
Let's start to use this trick. This Trick is very simple you should have your own pen drive .If all ports are disable one port will be always enable The port which we use for Mouse .Now remove your Mouse port and plug in your pen drive now your system will detect your pen drive and now you can excess all pen drive rights .By using this simple trick you can enable your pen drive and use it .
please don't use for wrong things if you need it necessarily then use it .
Hope you have enjoyed Use this trick safely and on your own risk
+Nilkanth Shirodkar

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