January 31, 2012

Hide your Facebook Email Address

Facebook one of the most popular social networking site which helps to connect friends.But many users can use Facebook account in wrong way too for sending spams and all which will threat your friend or user.Hence you should be safe while exposing your personal information most important is your primary email address. So you have hide your email address from your unknown friends, So please follow the steps to Hide your Facebook email address.      

STEP1:-  log-in to Facebook Account 
STEP2:-  Goto your Profile and click on  "About"
STEP3:- Now it will show all your personal information and you can edit it as your wish, Which personal information you want to display with your friend and want to hide.
STEP4:- Now Goto Contact info and Click on Edit 
STEP5:- Click on Setting on right side and select Only Me if you don't want to make it visible to everyone and Click on Save. 

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