January 28, 2012

Top 3 VPN for free Airtel 3G

Now Use Free 3G on your Laptop or computer using free VPN which provide access to their server on UDP ports, Some have already blocked their VPN service in some states it's all dependable on your state some VPN works in your state that doesn't mean it will work in other state.....So try your Luck if  this VPN works for you then you will be able to access free 3G.

1. Kebrum VPN

Goto Kebrum and signup for free and Download Configuration files.Now Download Open VPN from Kebrum and install it.Goto :c/programfiles/openvpn/config and paste config files and connect to internet using airtelgprs.com as an access point.
Right Click on Open VPN application and click on connect and Enjoy free 3G browsing and downloading on your PC. 


Goto DEN VPN and create your free trail account and within few minutes you'll be emailed a username and password. 

3.PD Proxy 

Goto PD Proxy and signup for an new account and activate your account by verifying your mail. Download PD Proxy and unzip and run it. 

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