February 28, 2012

Vodafone Free GPRS

Earlier I use to say Airtel is best for Internet and Vodafone is best for Calling Rates,but Now Airtel is also giving free GPRS service. Airtel is best just because it does't go in Negative Balance use whatever you want to use but in case of Vodafone it directly deduct your money from your main balance if you slightly Extend your Usage, It may also lead to go in Negative balance if you don't have Balance. 

How to Activate Free GPRS for Vodafone 
To Activate Send SMS  "DCREDIT" to 144 and Enjoy free 40MB Usage.
If you get Data Usage of 40MB then repeat this procedure once more to get another 40MB Usage.

How to check Data Usage  for Vodafone 
                Send SMS  "SURF VMC" to 144 or
                Send SMS  "USE" to 144 or
                Send SMS  "SURF VL" to 144 or
                Send SMS  "INTBAL" to 144 

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