July 22, 2013

Download YouTube video without Any software

You can't Download YouTube Videos Directly So there are many sites to download YouTube Video such as savevid.com where in you have to paste the YouTube URL and then it will download the Video, but Today I am going to show your very Simple tricks by which you can download YouTube video without using any software nor any site. 

How To Download YouTube video in Chrome 

STEP 1 :- Download SaveFrom.net helper lite Extensions for Google chrome

STEP 2 :- Now click on Add to Chrome button

STEP 3 :- It will Download a file called helper_last.crx 

STEP 4 :- Now go to Tool -> Extensions

STEP 5 :- Drag and drop the file helper_last.crx to the Extensions 

TATO Tricks :- While Playing YouTube Video Just add ss to Video URL such as  www.ssyoutube.com/xyz

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