August 27, 2013

Types of printers

Types of printers 

A printer is an output device that produces text and graphics on paper.

inkjet printers :-  Inkjet Printers Inkjet printers are non-impact printers which print text and images by spraying tiny droplets of liquid ink onto paper. 

laser printers :- Laser Printers Laser printers are non-impact printers which can print text and images in high speed and high quality resolution

dot matrix printer :- Dot-matrix printer is an impact printer that produces text and graphics when tiny wire pins on the print head strike the ink ribbon. 

multifunction printers :- It is also known as all-in-one printer or multifunction device, which  includes several functionalities including printer, scanner, copier and fax.

What are impact printer ?

impact printer are Refers to a class of printers that work by banging a head or needle against an ink ribbon to make a mark on the paper. This includes dot-matrix printers, daisy-wheel printers, and line printers. In contrast, laser and ink-jet printers are nonimpact printers. The distinction is important because impact printers tend to be considerably noisier than nonimpact printers but are useful for multipart forms such as invoices.

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