October 18, 2013

How to Activate SBI Mobile Banking in Android

State Bank of India (SBI) has Introduced Mobile Banking, If you are having Android Phone then you should Activate Mobile Banking it's totally free and gives services like Balance Enquiry, Fund Transfer, mobile recharge etc. 

How to Activate SBI Mobile Banking in Android

STEP 1:- Download  SBI mobile banking application and install it on your Android phone.
STEP 2:- Open New Message and Type Mbsreg to 9223440000
STEP 3:- Now you will get User ID and MPIN 
STEP 4:- Open application and enter your UserID and now it will ask for old and New MPIN
STEP 5:- Enter your given MPIN and type new MPIN and confirm it.
STEP 6:- Change the MPIN password with minimum 6 numbers.
STEP 6:- Now you can easily Check your Bank balance and many other services

NOTE :- Mobile Banking Don't Use your Internet Connection, It Uses your SMS service. So your Balance would be deducted as per your SMS charges. 

How to Activate Mobile Banking through SBI ATM

STEP 1:- Goto ATM  swipe your Debit Card
STEP 2:- choose  ‘Mobile Registration’ and then select “Mobile Banking’.
STEP 3:- Then choose the option ‘Registration’,
STEP 4:- Enter your mobile number and choose “Yes”.
STEP 5:- choose “confirm‟ to confirm to your mobile number
STEP 6:- Collect the transaction slip confirmation "Mobile Registration Successful"
STEP 7:- You will receive a SMS regarding activation of your account.
STEP 8:- You can then use all the services offered under the Mobile Banking Services.

Mobile Banking is totally free and if you have any trouble while doing you can comment below otherwise you can ask help from SBI Bank they will help you. 

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