April 29, 2014

How to Get Free PR 8 Backlink to your Blog

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Hello Friends, Today I will show you how to get free PR 8 Backlink to your Blog, this is a Dofollow Backlink which will increase your Page Rank and your Blog will be shown on Top of Google Search. This Trick to get high PR 8 Backlink to your Blog is very Easy. To get PR 8 Backlink to your Blog you need to have Google Account, Now a days all are having Google account and Google Drive Account, If you don't have google drive account then Just Create a new account in Google Drive.

How to Get Free PR 8 Backlink to your Blog

STEP 1 :- Setup a New Google Drive Account If you don't Have. 

STEP 2 :- Now Click on Create >> Folder 

STEP 3 :- Now give a Name to your Folder Like "backlink"

STEP 4 :- Make this Folder Share Public

STEP 5 :- Make this folder Public on Web so that anyone can access this folder.

STEP 6 :- Now open Notepad and Copy below code.

  <title>1000 backlinks for website</title>

<h2> Generate Free Backlinks to your Blog</h2>
<h1> <a href="http://www.redicals.com/"> Redicals </a></br>
<a href="http://www.tatoclub.com/"> Tatoclub </a></h1></center>

STEP 7 :- Now open your Folder on Google Drive and Upload this code. 

NOTE :- Just Copy above code and paste it in notepad and save your notepad file as backlink.html

STEP 8 :- Now Click on Hosting URL and open your folder, Now you will be able to browse you site and you will be getting Backlink to your Blog.

Click Here for Demo
If you are having any Problem while doing this Process Just comment below.

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