October 24, 2014

Download whatsapp plus apk | whatsapp plus

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whatsapp plus
whatsapp plus apk
WhatsApp PLUS is an third party apllication so that users can customize even more aspects of WhatsApp. one of the most popular instant messaging application. WhatsApp PLUS, users can select from loads of different color palettes and backgrounds to decorate their WhatsApp conversations. To access all this new content you just have to open your options in WhatsApp and select "PLUS". 

If you are not able to use Whatsapp on your mobile specially on Nokia X and Nokia XL you can use this WhatsApp PLUS.

WhatsApp PLUS is an alternative to the traditional WhatsApp, Let's start using WhatsApp PLUS to get all new features. 

Download whatsapp plus apk

Download whatsapp plus apk

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