October 05, 2014

Vodafone GPRS Trick Using Operamini handler

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vodafone gprs tricks

vodafone gprs tricks

Vodafone GPRS Trick Using Mod Operamini 

Download Opera mini handler for Vodafone Free GPRS

Step 1):-Make New GPRS Setting In Your Mobile.

Step 2):- APN:- www

Step 3):- Proxy:- 

Step 4):- Port:- 80 

Step 5):- Homepage:- http://www.redicals.com

Step 6):-Now Save The Settings, and open operamini Handler which you have downloaded from above Link.

Step 7):- select proxy type HTTP 

Step 8):- Enter  " "

NOTE:- Make Sure your Balance is less then र 1  

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