October 16, 2014

Xiaomi Mi3 gets Android L Update

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Xiaomi is planning to roll out next huge Update for MI3 with Android L (Android - 5.0 Lollipop). Xiaomi will be lauching Android L update for all Xiaomi phone such as Xiaomi Mi3 & Redmi in India. I know most of the Xiaomi fans would be happy to know this update news. I'm one from them, I'm also using Xiaomi MI3 for last few Months and having Great expercience specially with speed. 

Xiaomi Mi3 Android L Update
Xiaomi Mi3 Android L Update 

In a recent Interview, question was put forward was if Xiaomi were planning to roll out an Android L update to the Mi3, Redmi and other Xiaomi devices.

Hugo Barra Said, 

Till now We don’t have a timeline for L at the moment. We don’t even have access to the codebase, no one does. But of course the plan is to bring it as soon as possible.

No one does have access to the codebase of Android L except Nexus Devices and then MotoG and MotoX are claimed to have Android L update. But  Xiaomi is planing to bring Android L update as soon as possible to all Xiaomi fans.

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