November 01, 2014

Tricks to get Google Inbox Invitation

Friends Welcome to Inbox Google another Awesome apllication by google. There are two ways to get an invite for Inbox by Gmail. First Ask a friend who has Inbox and second by sending an email to 

Google Inbox
Google Inbox Invitation

How to get Inbox Google Invitation

Step 1 :- Download Inbox app for Android phones and for iPhone.

Step 2 :- Sign in to the mobile app using the account that was invited. (If you don't have invitation ask any of your friend or else comment with your email id I will send you invitation)

Step 3 :- You can use Inbox on your computer. Go to

How to Send Inbox Google Invitation to your Friend

Step 1 :- Open Inbox app on your Mobile at the bottom right you will find red colour round shape button 

Step 2 :- Click on that create Button, You will get Invite to Inbox

NOTE :- To get Invitation it will take 24 hours, you won't get as soon as you install app.

Step 3 :-  Choose your friends email id and Invite to Inbox .

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