February 08, 2015

whatsapp jokes 2015

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Whatsapp Jokes
Whatsapp Jokes

Whatsapp Jokes

U cnt beat dis ...... ?? Tom and his hot wife were playing golf when ...the ball suddenly goes inside someone's house : They enter the house and see a broken bottle and a man. Man: I want to thank you. I am a genie who was trapped for 1000 years in the bottle. I will give you both 1 wish each, and I will keep 1 wish for myself. ?? Tom: I want a billion dollars! ?? Wife: I want a house in every country of the world. ? Genie: Done. Done. Tom : And what is your wish genie? Genie: Well, since I haven't loved a woman in a thousand years, my wish is to sleep with your wife.?? Tom said: Emm Ok! You're getting us a lot of money. I guess I don't mind. ? The genie took the wife upstairs and slept with her for two hours. ? After it was over he asked her: How old is your husband? ?? Wife answers: 35. Genie: Really? And he still believes in genie stories... !!!lol????????????????


A man got a call from unknown number..
Girl:”Hi, r u single.. ??
Man:”Yes, but who r u.. ??
Ans:”Your wife..
Aaj ghar aana tab bataoogi.. 

Thodi der baad
Another call from another unknown number..
Girl:”R u married.. ??
Man:”Yes, but who R u.. ??
Girl:”Your girlfriend, U cheat..
Man:”Sorry baby, I thought it was my wife..

Ans:”Wife hi hoon kutte.. aaj tu bas ghar aaja


Husband roz ki tarah subah walk per gaya to dekha bahar bahot thand ho rahi thi…

woh turant wapas aa gaya, aur chhaddar mein ghuss kar biwi se chipak gaya..
Aur bolaa “bahar bahut thand ho rahi hai!!”

Biwi (neend mein) “phir bhi woh pagal walk pe gaya hai..”!


Boy :Chalo kisi sunsaan/viraan jagah chalte hain !
Girl :Tum aisi-waisi harkat to nahi karoge ?
Boy :Bilkul nahi !

Girl :To phir rehne de kameene :)

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