May 29, 2015

25 New Things Google Announced at Google I/O 2015

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Today at Google I/O we previewed Android M, introduced the new Google Photos, and talked about how we're putting our technology to work to solve complex problems in today's mobile world.  -- By Google
Google I/O 2015
Google I/O 2015

25 New Things Google Announced at Google I/O 2015

  1. ↬Changes in App Permissions : sensors and microphone 
  2. ↬Android M
  3. ↬Custom Chrome tabs
  4. ↬Android Pay (NFC)
  5. ↬Fingerprint sensor API
  6. ↬Reversible USB Type-C connector (charge four times faster)
  7. ↬Android M for all the latest Nexus devices(Preview)
  8. ↬Android Wear
  9. ↬Google’s ecosystem for the connected home
  10. ↬Google’s operating system for all those connected devices: Brillo.
  11. ↬Speech recognition accuracy getting dramatically better.
  12. ↬Google Now getting Smarter
  13. ↬Google Photos - Making Memories (unlimited storage)
  14. ↬Offline YouTube playback 
  15. ↬Offline webpages
  16. ↬Offline Google Maps
  17. ↬Firebase. Test Lab
  18. ↬Google’s cloud messaging now suppots Android, iOS, and Chrome
  19. ↬Google Play update- family friendly category 
  20. ↬Virtual Reality- Google Cardboard
  21. ↬Cardboard now also supports iOS. Hello iPhone VR.
  22. ↬Google Expeditions
  23. ↬Jump - VR 16 Camera stereoscopic 3D video
  24. ↬Self-driving car
  25. ↬Project Loon balloons -10MBPS Connection

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