August 27, 2015

Read Your Friends WhatsApp Chat - WhatsApp Tricks

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Hello Friends, I'm back with all new amazing trick with Whatsapp, All of us are interested in reading our Friends Messages or Chat Specially thier Girlfriend/ BoyFriend Chats. I believe in Fast and Shortcut Methods So today I will be going to show you Hot Whatsapp tricks.  

STEP 1 :- Go to the MicroSD card or File Manager 

STEP 2 :- Open Whatsapp folder and Select Database option.

STEP 3 :- Now you will find two files namely


STEP 4 :- Now Select this two Files and send it on your Mobile Using Bluetooth or Shareit etc.

STEP 5 :-  Once msgstore.db.crypt file is being Copied on your Phone You can return your friends Mobile.

STEP 6 :- Now Open File using a simple text editor if you are not able to read msgs then you need to decrypt the file and you can read it. 

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