August 07, 2015

Social Network Analysis Using Gephi

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social network is a social structure of people, related (directly or indirectly) to each other through a common relation or interest
Social network analysis (SNA) is the study of social networks to understand their structure and behavior.

Network or Graph ?
Network often refers to real systems
Graph is mathematical representation of a network
 § Web, Socialnetwork, Metabolic network Language: Network, node, link
 § Web graph, Social graph (Facebook or twitter) Language: Graph, vertex, edge

Uses of Social network analysis

Communication networks:
     Intrusion detection, fraud detection
Social networks:
Link prediction, friend recommendation
Social circle detection
Social recommendations
Identify the network of an individual
community detection


Gephi is an open source tool designed for the interactive exploration and visualization of networks 

Designed to facilitate the user’s exploratory process through real-time analysis and visualization
Visualization module uses a 3D render engine
Highly scalable can handle over 20,000 nodes

Gephi Processes

•1. Open•2. Layout•3. Ranking•4. Statistics•5. Rank (Modularity, Indegree and Outdegree)•6. Layout (Size Adjust)•7. Labels•8. Community Detection•9. Filter•10. Label Adjust•11. Preview•12. Export

The Social Network Analysis is a useful and effective instrument for revealing the main specificity of the human's relationships of the social groups.
Software Gephi is the applicable tool for visualizing revealed people's interactions and the relational dimension of the communities inside the social groups.

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