July 24, 2011

Most required PC Programs

PC Programs 
There are millions of software used by millions of people .Our computer itself work on software but hardware is required to run it .Software are used to perform the given task it runs and give you desired output .Most of the software's are Open-source projects and are freely available .  

1. Anti-virus and malware protection
This is the most important phase in computer.To destroy viruses we use Anti-virus and this Anti-virus is needed in system because it protect your system without anti-virus your system will be unsecured .Below are our recommendations

Anti-virus program: AVG or Avast 

Malware / Spyware protection: Malwarebytes

2. Browsers
Microsoft Internet Explorer comes pre-installed on Windows computers.But most of the user don't use IE because it's not faster then Mozilla and Chrome.
for Mozilla and Chrome there are many plugin and also they are more secured.

Internet Browser: Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome

3. Multimedia
Today Multimedia is increasing as people being getting addicted to trance and all forms of DJ as I got .To get better quality of sound there must be good equalizer and all function and should also play all formats .  

Video and DVD Player: VLC

Audio editing and creating tool: Audacity

4. Paint program and picture organizer
Many of my friends have hobbies of editing painting and creating images and sharing those images on google etc. 
Paint program: Paint.net

Picture organizer: Google Picasa 

5. Office Suite
Most of the user install Microsoft office which is too huge and it required more space to install and this slow down your system .If your RAM is 4GB it will not effect but if your RAM is 512MB it will effect your system . 

Office suite: OpenOffice

PDF Reader: foxitreader

6. Torrent Download
Too download movies and all we use torrents there are many torrents client 

  1. Torrentz
  2. extratorrent
  3. Speedpeer
  4. Bitsnoop

Torrent: utorrent

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