July 23, 2011

Use Mobile Camera As WebCam

Many of my friends don't have webcam and they want to chat with Facebook video calling and hangout with friends on Google + and Skype. If you want to use your Mobile camera as a webcam but phone should be s60 Nokia Cell Phone with Camera and use your phone camera as web camera and have video calling and get hangout with your friends.  Just Download SmartCam
Step1:-Install SmartCam.exe on your PC and Install SmartCamS60v5.sisx on your phone.
Step2:-Start up SmartCam on your PC and go to File-->Settings and make sure that TCP/IP option is checked  and keep it running and proceed next step.
Step3:- Start SmartCam.sisx  on your phone and go to Options-->Connect and it will ask you for server name and you need to type your PC IP address.
If YOU don't know your IP address then click here to find IP address.

NOTE :- Please don't select Bluetooth option. 

Download Smart Cam

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