August 19, 2011

Protect your computer from crash

Many of you May be using Microsoft Windows XP and Since it's easy to Use it's not much secured as others and it create lots of problem such as Hardware,Software etc.Mostly Blue Screen and deep Sound which Indicate RAM blown off. How This Type of errors occurs and How to avoid this type of problem.   

Microsoft Windows hardware device communicates to other devices through an interrupt request channel (IRQ). There are many peripheral object connected to PC and they use different IRQ channel and if there are problem in any of the channel they can use same peripheral and same time synchronously .such as floppy disk drive uses IRQ 6 ,keyboard usually uses IRQ 1 .
So if there is problem in any of the device and both devices are running simultaneously then it will be using same IRQ Channel then it may crash .If you have not installed your hardware drive properly .
and if your driver is not installed properly then you have to reinstall that drive again.
How To Install Driver
Click on Start---Settings---Control Panel---System---Device Manager
Check if any driver is not installed properly and reinstall it. If you have Acer compatible  PC then they will be allowing you with there Driver CD. Just put it in your CD-ROM and whichever drive you want to update Right Click and click Update it will automatically update your driver. 
Before Microsoft was using 8 IRQ And Now they are using 16 IRQ in most of the PC. 

Hard Disk Drive
After a few weeks, the information on a hard disk drive starts to become piecemeal or fragmented. It is a good idea to defragment the hard disk every week or so, to prevent the disk from causing a screen freeze. Go to
Click on Start-Programs-Accessories-System Tools-Disk Defragmenter

If you don't defragment your hard disk then your hard disk will run slow and it will take time to open and after long period of time it will corrupt and crash . 

don't store lot's of data which is not used so your hard disk is full .Leave some space in C drive and always delete Temporary Internet Files folder 

Most Dangerous and most people get effected .There are different types of viruses which do different work some virus removes your boot sector so that you can't boot and unable to load windows .Use best anti-virus and update it frequently because new viruses are created and to protect from those new viruses we shall update anti-virus.   

Heating depends upon CPU process and how long your system is working . If your cpu is running many No. of devices then it will consume more electricity and hence it will create more heat and this heat may also melt IC or chips.Hence you will need to repair motherboard and replace the burnt  chip  .
CPU problems can often be fixed by disabling the CPU internal cache in the BIOS. This will make the machine run more slowly, but it should also be more stable.

Power supply problems
Due to the disrupted electricity (on/off) system may be effected by direct shutdown without saving data.There are many case of power-- power may surge or spike and can crash computer .if high voltage enter it will produce high heat and will burn components. 
Hence to protect from disrupted electricity use of uninterrupted power supply (UPS) is necessarily required.It will protect your computer from high voltage and if power is off then it will give Backup Power stored in UPS.  

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