August 20, 2011

search girls on facebook

Many of you may be searching for Girls and they may be not find you on normal search because in normal search you search for both male and female but by using openbook you can find it separately so if you want to search for a girl or boy you can type his or her name and search it.You will find all girls with that name and you can view there photo.Just visit Openbook and search hot girls 

What is Openbook? 
Openbook lets you search public Facebook updates using Facebook's own search service.

That's the entire planet, for all time. This privacy-malfunction could have serious consequences if you're looking for a job, applying for college, or trying to get medical insurance.

Facebook's bait-and-switch on privacy and their overly complex settings cause many users to post messages intended for their friends to 'everybody'.

Search friends using male and female .Enjoy with friends

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