September 23, 2011

How To Get Facebook Timeline

Facebook has introduced new feature called timeline it shows what you have been doing in past years with your friendsand your friends can easily see it by clicking on year .Timeline is  story of your life  and telling story of your life on single page.Timeline shows all recent activity and as you go past it summarizing the things you have done in your life on your facebook profile. 

 How To Get Facebook Timeline 
Step1:- Just Login to your facebook profile and Go to facebook developers app  
Step2:- Click on + Create New Apps
Step3:- Put your Apps Name and App Namespace (In small Letters) and then click on checkbox "I agree to the Platform Privacy Policy."
Step4:- Pass your Security check by filling captcha.
Step5:- Go to Open Graph and click on Getting Started
            Apps :Your Apps Name :Open Graph : Getting Started
Step6:- People can (An action that someone can perform in your app. Ex: read a book , watch a movie or read a website) and click Get started.
Step7:- Now Edit your Action Type and click on save changes and Next.
Step8:- Now Create an Aggregation (aggregations display a summary of a person's activity in your app during a time period)
Step9:- Now Go to your Homepage or click on facebook on upper left side.
Step10:- Click on "Get It Now" and Get started with your Facebook Timeline

Start with facebook Timeline and share It

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