October 01, 2011

How to Cut and Join MP3

MP3 Cutter-Joiner is a powerful and ease-to-use audio editor. If you have many song and want to cut part from every song and then merge those parts into to one big song, MP3 Cutter Joiner is used. There is a small player built in  MP3 Cutter Joiner and so you set start-time and end-time just when you listening the song. 
Supports MP3, WAV, WMA and OGG cutting/joining.

How to  start with MP3 Cutter-Joiner
STEP1:- Install power MP3 cutter joiner and shortcut will be created on desktop.
STEP2:- Open power MP3 cutter joiner And add file (add any MP3 or WAV file)
STEP3:- Select the start Time and End Time  
STEP4:- Press "Cut" and it will start cutting file.
STEP5:- Your cut file will be stored in "C:\Music" Music folder will be automatically generated. 

Features of MP3 Cutter-Joiner
* Merge multiple files or parts of multiple files into one big files
* Cut/merge with hith precision and no quality is lost..
* Adopt the files' order by clicking Up or Down button.
*Cut a piece of audio file and then converting  it to MP3 or WMA or WAV or OGG file.
MP3 Cutter-Joiner

Sample of  MP3 Cutter-Joiner Tone


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