October 02, 2011

Use Trial Version software forever

Convert your limit period software to full version software.Most of the software are having limited time period and they get expired within the period and ask to convert to full version .Now you can convert those limited period software to full version and can tell trail version software not to count days or stop the clock of that trail software.Now your Trial software will work like full version software and no need to pay $.
Time Stopper is a software which stops the time count of any trail software and hence it has been converted to full version.This software would not effect your real system time and only trail software will be affected .You can use no. of trail version software by this software.

How to Use Time Stopper
  • Open Time Stopper
  • Browse and select the Main .exe  of the trail software
  • Choose the new date(This new date should include within the trial period of software)
  • choose the time period
  • click open software on selected data
  • Enter the name for create desktop icon(After creation of your desktop and delete all shortcuts of software such as desktop,startup etc ) 

Download Time Stopper

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