April 19, 2014

Get Free Recharge Tricks Using HIKE

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HIKE is an Mobile application wherein you can earn Money by inviting your Friends, If your Friend Install HIKE on their Mobile using your invitation you will earn some reward on your mobile.

Free Recharge Using HIKE

STEP 1 :- You need to have 2 Android Phone and download Hike on your 1st Mobile

STEP 2 :- Once you Install Hike you will get Rs.10 Credit

STEP 3 :- Now go to invite in hikeand invite the 2nd android phone

STEP 4 :- Download the hike on 2nd phone by clicking the referral download link in your message.

STEP 5 :- Now your 1st Mobile will be credited with Rs. 20 + Rs. 10 total will be Rs 30

STEP 6 :- Now recharge the 2nd phone with Rs.10 present in account and uninstall the Hike after getting
balance of Rs.10

STEP 7 :- Now again send invitation to your 2nd Phone using 1st Phone

STEP 8 :- Repeat all steps again

If You Don't Have 2 Android Mobile Phone Don't worry You can use below Tricks.

Free Recharge Using HIKE 

STEP 1:- Download youwave and Install on your Computer


NOTE :- Enter Key to get Full version otherwise it will be 10 day free version. 

STEP 2:- Now Download Hike on youwave and Install it

STEP 3:- Now Send Invitation on your mobile and you will earn Rs 20

STEP 4:- Now Reset  your youwave and again install hike.

STEP 5:- Now Repeat all steps again

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