April 20, 2014

Computer Tricks and Tips | Computer Tricks

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Every day You must be complaining about your computer is running very slow, Now don't Worry Today I will Fix it.

CPU/Processor :- Upgrade your Processor to i3 or i5
RAM/Memory :- Upgrade it to 4GB DDR3 for 32 bit OS and  8GB DDR3 for 64 bit OS
OS/Operating System :- Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, If Linux then go for Ubuntu.

How to Fix Startup Issue 

Auto‐Starting is a Programs that automatically start when you start the computer or log in. This will Slow down your Startup speed and also start unnecessary Programs.

Step1:- Go to ѕtаrt menu click οn RUN

Step2:-Type “msconfig” аnԁ click OK.

Step3:-New Tab will be opened System Configuration utility 

Step4:-Go to startup and uncheck any program which you don't want to run at startup

Step5:-Thеn fіnіѕhеԁ click thе Apply thеn OK.

Step6:-To apply all setting you should restart your system.

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How to Fix Fragmented Drive

Both Windows 8 and Windows 7 have built in defrag programs. But Defrag utilities are much better than inbuilt tool because they have more features Like cleaning Drive.

Free Defrag Programs Include:

Safe Internet Browsing Tips

  • Keep your Browser up to date 
  • Use Google Chrome and Firefox - keep it up to date
  • For Extra Safety Use No Script and Adblock Extenstion
  • Check your Address Bar While Browsing Weather it is Safe to browse (https://)

Useful Free Software

Free Anti‐Virus

Emergency Removal Tools

Anti Spyware Software

Registry Cleaner


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