October 30, 2014

How to Change Facebook Theme For Google Chrome

If you have got bored of Using same Facebook Design then don't worry now you can change Facebook Theme. So today I will show you how to choose a new theme to your Facebook account. 

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How to Change Facebook Theme For Google Chrome

Step 1:- Open the “Google Chrome” Goto Settings >> Extension and  install the add-on “Stylish” from “Chrome web Store”.

Step 2:- Click the button “S” on the status bar.

Step 3:- Click “Find more Styles Themes” and choose the theme you want.

Step 4:- Select any Theme and install it with the stylish add-on.

Step 5:- Now go to your Facebook account and click the button “S”  in the status bar

Step 6:- find the theme you have installed and Click the theme and your Facebook account will apply that theme. 

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