August 25, 2011

Remove unwanted Files

As I was Always talking about Internet Security Majors but aside from security we should also keep our computer performance faster and smarter.we should clean our computer from viruses and other unwanted material such as empty folder which are unused and if there are simply empty folder which are unused to store any data or it may be created automatically such as when you uninstall any program file it will contain files when you uninstall it all files are removed but folder is kept  and most of the people will never watch may have been came across to this situation .

FMS Empty Folder Remover is a freeware tool which is an useful application that will enable you to easily get rid of unwanted directories. This lightweight tool scans a source folder and instantly identifies the empty directories within. You can then remove them with a simple click.   
click Here

FMS Temp File Cleanup is a handy program to quickly remove temporary files from your PC. 


       Step 1 : Specify to check what kind of files in certain folders with button 'Setting'; 
       Step 2 : Check files with button 'Check Temp'; 
       Step 3 : Delete files from disk with button 'Delete ALl' or open folder with button 'Open Folder'. 

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